Keeping Your Young Chef Safe in the Kitchen

November 25, 2015
By: Kids-R-Kids
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Learning to cook can be great fun for young children. They enjoy spending time in the kitchen as families congregate and talk, laugh, and enjoy great meals and snacks. It’s understandable why busy toddlers are also attracted to the kitchen with all of the pots, pans, and sweet treats. Even when adults are in the kitchen, it only takes a moment for loving parents to be distracted leaving a young chef or toddler exposed to the many dangers in the kitchen. From handling hot food to being exposed to cleaning products, there are many kitchen items that should never be in the hands of young children.


With the holidays approaching, your child may want to help bake cookies, stir food, or even learn to follow a recipe. While allowing your preschool child to assist in the kitchen can be very enjoyable for parents and children, there are many safety steps to consider to keep your children safe in the kitchen.


  • Spend time showing your young chef around the kitchen. Tell her how items are arranged. Talk about cleanliness, basic food preparation, and food storage. Let your child know what you allow and what is off limits at this time.

  • Be present. Always supervise young children carefully in the kitchen, especially toddlers.

  • Assist your children when handling objects that can be harmful such as knives, boiling water, and hot pots.

  • Dispose of all plastic bags safely.

  • Discuss kitchen hygiene, washing hands, fruit and vegetables.

  • Assist your child in preparing foods that need to be cut or chopped.

  • Turn your pot handles towards the back of the stove to avoid a spill

    when cooking.

  • Keep flammable items like napkins and towels away from the stove.

  • If your preschool child is preparing a snack or treat, keep an eye on your exploring toddler. Young children love to follow older siblings.

  • Clean all spills quickly to avoid an accident.


Learning about food preparation and balanced meals is an excellent skill for preschool children. When parents supervise carefully, everyone gets to enjoy tasty treats with no issues, just a beautiful smile from your young chef!


There is much more to learn about keeping your infant, toddler, or preschool child safe in the kitchen and other places like daycare, childcare, and on the playground. For more important suggestions, contact the child safety experts at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academies. At Kids ‘R’ Kids, the staff is professionally trained in many aspects of child safety. They enjoy talking about the many steps it takes to keep infants, toddlers, and children in preschool, and pre-k safe.


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